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iDaTank v1.0.1 iPhone iPodTouch iPad (iPhone iPodTouch iPad Games)

iDaTank v1.0.1 iPhone iPodTouch iPad
iDaTank v1.0.1 iPhone iPodTouch iPad

Name : iDaTank v1.0.1 iPhone iPodTouch iPad
Genre : Action
File Name : idatankv1.0.1iphoneipodtouchipad.ipa
File Size : 17.1mb
Language : English
Requirements : Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.


One man, no man? What about the one tank with onboard replicator?

This is a three-dimensional story of the scout drone adventures. Yeah, the adventures are painted in sci-fi colors and filled by energy beams, plasma bolts and overheated weapons.
Our cybernetic hero will have to face a horde of extremely evil aliens. Of course, if all creatures in the Universe were kind and friendly - anything similar wouldn't happen. :)

iDaTank is the first and, I hope, not last indie release 'wink''wink'

A bit of vital information:

- More than twenty five levels (exactly twenty six).
- More than twenty various types of alien fauna.
- More than fifty perks and modifications. (exactly fifty one).
- Up to four upgradable weapons.

This game is free of on-screen controllers.
This game works only in landscape mode.
What's new in Version 1.0.1
- new icon style
- fixed crashing issue in tutorial level
- supporting iOS 4.0.0
- exit by Home button now saves the game progress


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