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Drag It v1.0 iPhone iPodTouch iPad (iPhone iPodTouch iPad Games)

Drag It v1.0 iPhone iPodTouch iPad
Drag It v1.0 iPhone iPodTouch iPad

Name : Drag It v1.0 iPhone iPodTouch iPad
Genre : Puzzle
File Name : dragitv1.0iphoneipodtouchipad.ipa
File Size : 30.1mb
Language : English
Requirements : Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later


Got some free time? Try �Drag it�, the latest game out from the team at MysPuppy game studio.

Take control of gravity and make your way through strange worlds. Collect stars and earn points by bending, bouncing, lifting and dragging the world into any shape you can. But beware of enemies. Test your skills to survive.The multitouch function was added to the game, which will bring you a more enjoyable gaming experience by using multipal fingers.If you grab several of the rubber band type node, you can really get the little guy launched!

�Drag it� offers a simple user-friendly interface so it�s easy to get started. For the hardened adventurer, later stages in the game present real mind-bending brain teasers and complex puzzles.

The Beautiful scenery, fresh style and characters, and original soundtrack are sure to �wow� you. The tailored display for iPhone4 gives you crystal clear resolution and incredible video definition for a real visual experience.

Main Highlights:

- Fresh characters, innovative visuals and unique game style.
- Sleek tactile gameplay with physical interaction.
- Challenges and Mind Benders � Keep at it!
- Easy to get started � Anyone can play.

Other features:

- 40 full stages with many more to come.
- Progressive gameplay.
- 3 original soundtrack.
- The multitouch support.


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